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Applewood’s fine craftsmanship approach applies to staining and finishing your custom woodwork, as well. We offer
you a variety of quality finishes that combine old-world beauty with the latest technology and techniques for beauty that lasts. You can choose from a number of standard stain colors and finishes, carefully chosen to bring out the natural beauty of the fine woods used in your piece, as well as complement the look and feel of your entire room. You can choose to have durable, high-quality paint applied to your woodwork. Or you may choose to have the craftsmen at Applewood glaze or distress your woodwork, to give it the lived-in warmth of
an historic country home. We utilize a multi-stage approach
to distressing your woodwork
to ensure the most durable, yet realistically rustic, finish. And, regardless of which finish you choose, our craftsmen have years of experience working with a number of finishes to evoke a variety of moods,
all applied with the utmost hand-crafted care.
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